Our Philosophy

At Livingston Kindergarten we work together with families to create a warm, nurturing and creative environment for our children. One where children can thrive and learn as individuals and with each other, preparing them for their exciting school years ahead and the remarkable world around them.    


The kindergarten program is determined by the children’s individual needs and interests and offers resources and experiences to meet them. These experiences are play based which is the most effective way children learn. As adults, we resource and facilitate their play and encourage every child to reach their unique potential.


As part of our values we respect the individual needs of each child, encourage active engagement; play based developmentally appropriate curriculum, exploration and experimentation, literacy and numeracy and partnership with parents and family.  



  • At Livingston Kindergarten we provide an inclusive, safe and stimulating environment where children can construct their own understandings and make meaning through play.


  • We create an environment where they can develop new friendships; build their confidence and resilience, supporting independence.


  • We support children to become lifelong learners who construct and understand their identity through their environment and interactions.


  • As educators we are directed by children’s interests and extended on them with intentional teaching.


  • We provide an environment in which children can make their own choices and direct their own play.


  • Programs are based on learning through play, fostering curiosity, creativity and a love of learning.




  • We recognise and value the important connections between children, their families and the community. We therefore, endeavour to create strong links between the kindergarten and home.


  • We strive to create partnerships with parents and families by developing open, respectful and reciprocal relationships for meaningful communication and collaboration.


  • Together we acknowledge, respect and celebrate each other’s diversity, knowledge and strengths.




  • We recognise children as capable and active learners and endeavour to support their well-being, individual needs, diversity and perspectives through listening to their voices.


  • We develop caring reciprocal relationships with children to foster secure attachments and promote their sense of being, belonging and becoming.


  • We support children to become socially responsible, developing an understanding and respect for the natural environment; and how they can connect and contribute to their local and global communities.